Saturday, 28 August 2010

Smart Guy

We renamed our cat (poor thing has something like 10 names) to Smart Guy.

"Don't do that, Smart Guy."

"Quit licking your balls, Smart Guy."


This has been the summer of David Sedaris. Andreas and I have been reading and/or re-reading ALL his books. One of our favorite chapters of Me Talk Pretty One Day is called Smart Guy.

When I went to the vet last week with Tia, the vet completed vaccination booklets on our cats and had to write in their names..
(Tia's cat is named Peaches after the cat in a movie called Zohan or something - I haven't seen it, but apparently the cat is used as a hacky sack.. heh heh.)

The vet chuckled at the name Smart Guy and when he wrote it into my booklet, he translated it to his son who was his helper (adorable boy about 10 wearing filthy scrubs.)

Tia's cat traveled to the vet via pet carrier and had peed all over herself. Poor little Peaches was COVERED from head to toe in pee. When the vet opened the carrier, the boy just sighed, turned, and reached for the paper towels. Apparently that's one of his duties (perhaps explaining the nasty scrubs.)

ANYhoo, my cat went to the vet in a pillow case.
The vet said it reminded him of a magician's trick. I wasn't sure what he was talking about at first but when he finished examining my cat, he set Smart Guy back in the pillow case and moved his arms as though he had a magic wand and said ". . . and out comes a chicken!" hahah
When we left the little boy said "Bye, Smart Man."

it was adorable.


  1. I love love love David Sedaris...but you already knew that. :-) I think the pillowcase is a fantastic idea!

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