Friday, 23 July 2010

Ummmm.... Say WHAT?!?????!!!??

So a few weeks back we stayed at a fancy resort. (Thank you, Uncle Coco, for finding us an uber nice place for crazy cheap!) The hotel apartment had a sign in the bathroom stating that toilet paper cannot be flushed and instructed us to toss it in the trash bin instead. Ew.

Next day, in the same village, we were at a nice restaurant and their bathroom had the same instructions. I mistakenly assumed that the plumbing issues were isolated to this particular village.

Fast forward to last night. We were informed that NO ONE in Cyprus flushes their toilet paper and that, in fact, most of Europe doesn't. I had NO idea. Andreas swears he had no idea either, even though he was born and raised here! He said to me, "apparently, as a child, I wasn't supposed to flush my paper? I honestly had no idea." Um hmmmm... I believe you. . .

Andreas joked saying, "Oh well, time to go back to the States - WE TRIED - but it just didn't work out." I don't think he realizes that he was actually reading my mind when he said that.. :o)


  1. It's true, I'm packing my things, including flushable TP, as we speak!
    I'm gonna go buy me Costco size TP and use it all in one, ahem, "sitting". American style! Woohoo!

    PS I guess my "excuse" is that I'm deaf and I've never heard anybody tell me that I'm not allowed to flush TP... Yikes!

  2. Oh, Lulu, I sooo feel ya on this one! When I was in Korea I was shocked to see the same signs, and since have noticed them in Mexico, as well. (It's not like going to the bathroom away from home is easy to begin with!)

    So glad I found your blog!!! I'll be following it religiously (heh!)!!

    P.s. Going to use my flushable toilet paper in your honor from now on!

  3. Oh my goodness, Lora, a few year back I had heard this about Mexico and couldn't wrap my head around it. I had thanked my lucky stars I didn't have to worry about that in the States.

    When we move here I never even gave it a thought until we came upon those signs.

    The TP here is really pricey, but I'd be willing to spend a little more on a special biodegradable TP- at least for use on "special occasions" (AKA the dreaded Number Two)

    This Too Shall Pass...

  4. Hey, Leanna Banana - Bet this "rule" isn't helping your bathroom phobia! Or is it? Makes me feel guilty now every time I flush!!! Who wld have ever guessed that something like not flushing is going on ANYWHERE in the world in 2010!!!!! I feel so sheltered! xoxoxoxo

  5. P.S. - So happy to see you're blogging again...we loved the pictures of the kiddos in the elevator. The pedestrian walkway was a relief for all of us to hear about!!!

  6. Supposedly this was happening during my childhood in CY but I had no idea. Is it possible that I'm that dumb?
    Don't answer that question!

  7. Is the odor overwhelming? I can't imagine that stink could be avoided, unless the trash is taken out as often as the toilet is used!