Friday, 9 July 2010

Bizarro World

I've seen lawyers go to court in their sandals - they just put on a pair of socks first! HA! Nevertheless, anyone who says Tucson is TOO LAID BACK has never been to Cyprus.

For example: Yesterday I went to the bank here in Cyprus. (This is one of THE main banks of CY.) Observations: Behind the tellers, their "safe" was open and UNATTENDED BAGS of MONEY were just piled all over the floor! It was difficult to hear the teller due to the BOOM BOX playing DISCO music behind her. This was my first experience with Greek Rap Music, but I digress... Most of the tellers had giant glasses of frappes with colorful straws in them. At one point we were helped by a man who looked quite official because he was the only person sitting behind a desk who wasn't eating. However, I'm 90% certain he was drinking a Mimosa.

Another man was sorting coins into a huge machine. The sound, which resembled Vegas slot machines, went on for the entire 45 minutes we were there. It sounded as though someone had hit the "Big Jackpot.” This suave multi-tasker was busy working AND chatting up the ladies.

Just before we left, a teller picked up the unattended piles/bags of money and placed them on the shelves of their “safe” and walked away, still leaving the safe open. (The safe was actually just a grey metal cupboard, like you’d get at Costco for your garage.)

The only thing missing was the Beer Pong. Wait, I think I've already used that line.


  1. The Party Bank rocks!
    Another funny things is that customer hours in the Summer are only until 1PM. How else are the bank employees supposed to go home, take a nap and wake up at 8PM so they can party all night? ;)

  2. Mimosas at work? Where do I sign up???

  3. OKay so I went to another branch (same bank) and there was NO music playing and no colorful beverages. Much more professional atmosphere. I said to Izzy, "Wow, this is so much more bank-like than the other branch" and she says, "really?!" and points to the rock poster on the deposit counter w/ a half-naked, long-haired man sporting an earring. LOL..

    THEN we went to Immigration and we were helped by a young woman wearing a white tube top. I kid you not.