Monday, 14 June 2010

m&m heart the elevator

The elevator in our building is interesting.

It has a big metal door that you physically pull open yourself.
Then there's another metal door on the inside that you push/slide open..
The REALLY TINY elevator is all dim and creepy inside.
It is small. The sign says 3 people MAX but if 3 people go in there it is quite cozy.
Once you get in, slide/shut all the doors and push the button it JERKS REALLY HARD when it finally moves! SOMETIMES the light goes out for a couple seconds (so you are in the pitch black!) which is also creepy.. When it stops at our floor it JERKS to a stop and YOU must PULL the first metal door to the side and then PUSH the second heavy metal door open and WAH LA! you are there. Sorta. The elevator stops in between floors for some reason, so you must take a flight of stairs up or down to your apartment, depending on where you get off! :o)

m&m love the elevator and take it a LOT.
Andreas and I just use the stairs. :o)

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  1. Bravo to M&M on the sheer creepiness factor of pic #2. I LOVE IT!!